PROFITABILITY Accuracy from start to finish


PROFITABILITY Accuracy from start to finish


ValoTerra's new 100% electric architecture, redesigned metering box, and planting accuracy, uniformity guarantees improved emergence and productivity.

A New 56V architecture

We opted for a 56V system to unleash the performance potential of the ValoTerra planter. The 56V architecture means you can add more motors thanks to a generator capable of supplying almost 5.6kW of power. This capacity is a gateway towards ultra-precision agriculture. The new 56V system paves the way for smart planting. It offers variable rate, curve compensation, and row unit shutoff to optimise the characteristics of your fields.

Valoterra seed metering

The seed metering box is the planter’s core component. We have ensured it is precise and versatile, to meet the agronomic performance and crop diversification needs of the future. The ValoTerra’s metering box introduces a new benchmark for precision planters.
Beyond offering improved performance, it has been specifically designed to be easy to use, versatile and robust. Its electric motor and ergonomic design offer a great combination of leak-tightness and vacuum, providing utmost precision at high speed.

Easy to use

  • Changing the seed discs is a breeze when you need
    to switch from one seed variety to another
  • Changing crops takes less than a minute per row
  • Seed flow can be cut off to give access to the
    metering box even when the hopper is full
  • Easy to empty


  • Pneumatic metering and smooth discs ensure perfect
    distribution for a maximum range of seeds and crops
  • Vacuum provides better performance of wider variety of seed
  • Patented system for reducing the torque required to
    drive the disc independently of the vacuum level

Seed metering unit

Several years of research and exchanges with farming professionals have enabled us to design a seed metering unit that is unbelievably well thought out.
From the metering box to machine maintenance, calibration and settings, everything has been optimised with the unique goal of saving you time.
Now, with the ValoTerra planter, you save time in and off the field.


MicroSmart Hopper 20 Litres

Seed hopper 70 Litres

New pneumatic metering box

Electric drive in the distribution disc shaft

Quick and easy to empty

Monoshox shock absorbers

Pair of springs : for adjusting unit pressure to up to 325 kg in 30 kg steps (4steps)

Trash wheels or clod removers

Double opener discs diam. 450 mm

Gauge wheels diam. 450 mm Width 115 mm

PRO wheel diam. 295 mm Retractable up to a height of 4 cm

Pair of pressure and angle-adjustable closing wheels

Convenient, clustered and precise planting adjustment mechanisms

MicroSmart : fitted microgranulator


Smart Acces : A unique lifting hopper system !

Routine planter maintenance and servicing are essential for keeping the planter in perfect working order and guaranteeing its durability. Our team of specialists have therefore developed a patented lifting hopper system for easy maintenance at a convenient height. Adjustments are now easier to make and maintenance can be carried out safely and efficiently



With the ValoTerra metering unit, we have set a new benchmark in accurate and uniform planting. We have taken the key features contributing to the success of Monoshox metering units and improved them ! From increased penetration force and stability in all situations, to precision settings that closely match agronomic requirements, no effort is spared in unlocking the potential of your crops.


  • Up to 325 kg of downforce on the double opener discs, with large guage wheels keeping constant planting depth
  • Efficient penetration with no mud spatter thanks to the largest furrow opener discs (diam. 450 mm) on the market
  • Reduced angle of attack to minimise seed bed disturbance
  • Gauge wheels with a diameter of 450 mm ensure excellent metering unit stability

Precise placement of each seed

  • 19 available depth settings
  • V-shaped furrow for accurate seed positioning
  • Individually adjustable suspended Pro wheel, with high-clearance retraction (4 cm)
  • Closing wheel unit with a wide range of wheel pressure and angle settings

Quick and easy tool-free adjustments

  • Clustered controls to adjust planter settings in next to no time
  • A novel system for adjusting trash wheel height
  • A handy lever to remove the tip located between the double opener discs easily



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