SUSTAINABILITY Look after your crops with monosem's smart solutions


SUSTAINABILITYLook after your crops with monosem's smart solutions


With MicroSmart and FertiSmart, Monosem is breaking new ground in seed protection and nutrition.
These new solutions combined with our existing Isobus features offer unrivalled accuracy and environmental protection.


An innovative monosem solution to help seeds thrive

This equipment enables you to control your inputs row by row. The new MicroSmart microgranulator comes with the SectionControl feature as standard, to prevent any overlaps when applying inputs. All you need is an Isobus terminal with this feature enabled to enjoy utmost accuracy and convenience. Enjoy up to 8% savings on inputs, which represents an average potential saving of €4.4 per hectare, depending on the product.

What's more, the MicroSmart is simply yet ingeniously designed :

  • MicroSmart capacity: 20 Litres
  • Easy to calibrate with flexible pipes
  • Ergonomic ON/OFF/EMPTY control dial
  • Colour-coded distribution screw, visible to the user
  • Quarter-turn opening mechanism for changing screws or quick maintenance
  • Convenient loading height for operator comfort and safety


  • 56V

    Safe and easy to use

    • Two tool-free interchangeable screws, for insecticide, molluscicide and microgranular fertiliser inputs
    • Gravity-based product metering and delivery to ensure safe operating conditions for users
    • Input levels in hoppers are safely monitored by an algorithm

  • Précision

    Accurate and linear dosing

    • A linear product distribution range of between 2 to 35 kg per hectare for standard working speeds, products and inter-rows
    • Metering of all products that protect your seeds and young plants from pests
    • Metering of microgranular fertilisers to boost seedling growth

  • MultiVoies

    Two outlets for optimum efficiency

    With a rear-mounted MicroSmart unit, you have a choice of two application outlets :

    • An outlet for insecticides and microgranular fertilisers, which are buried along with the seeds. It ensures your seeds are well protected and nourished
    • An outlet for applying products to the surface of the furrow, which is ideal for controlling pests


A ground-breaking solution for fertiliser application

FertiSmart is a smart solution for fertilisers, which goes above and beyond the limits of current technologies.

The new FertiSmart fertiliser dosing unit, exclusively designed by Monosem, is able to apply dry fertiliser, with row-by-row section control.

Its revolutionary design guarantees accurate application and a high gravity-based drop rate of up to 600 kg per hectare.

The FertiSmart unit provides optimum performance whatever the terrain, slopes included, even where demanding fertilisers are concerned.

  • Economie

    Savings on imputs

    • Reduce costs by 21% thanks to localised application
    • Up to 7% savings with row-by-row control
    • Cut nutrient loss thanks to in-furrow and point-by-point application
    • Less tractor runs required thanks to combined fertiliser and seed protection application

  • Précision

    Environmental benefits

    • Accuracy reduces fertiliser volatilisation,
      leading to an 80% cut in greenhouse gas

  • Polyvalence

    Increased versatility

    • Works better in challenging conditions including slopes
    • Meets the very diverse nutritional needs of crops such as rapeseed
    • Compatible with various fertilisers (bulk, urea, DAP, etc.)

  • Simplicité

    Convenient and easy to use

    • Easy to maintain, calibrate, empty and service thanks to simple adjustment mechanisms


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Dive into the heart of this innovation for seedling nutrition and protection. Discover the many technical specifics as well as the breadth of functionality of the FertiSmart and MicroSmart innovations.



The right rate in the right place !

High-precision is the keyword here, to boost savings on inputs, optimise yields and protect the environment !

There was a time when dosing rates adjusted according to a prescription map and had to be applied across the entire width of a machine – the planter in our case.

Now, ValoTerra has gone a step further to offer you increased precision.

You can now divide the working width into sections of up to four planter units to adjust your planting operations to perfection.*

*Also available for MicroSmart and FertiSmart from 2023



No overlaps !

No overlaps !

Eliminating overlaps, saving on inputs and making subsequent crop operations easier are all smart solutions for driving operating efficiency and sustainability!

Managing overlaps is now a standard feature.
Besides enabling you cut back on seeds and
inputs, it also helps you manage cultivator runs much more effectively.

ValoTerra’s Isobus technology includes a GPS device that enables you to manage row cutoff for up to 24 rows.

The on-board terminal screen displays the cutoffs using a variety of colours and shadings for a clearer overview. What’s more, when a row is cut off, a sound is emitted to notify the operator.




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